A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Made in 72h during Ludum Dare #32

Presented during FLOP in December 2016


Gaël M.-B.

Claude-Emmanuel J.

Francis C.

Pierre H.


Arrows to move

Space to jump

If you are stuck, check the Menu using "Esc"

You can Save and Load progress

Install instructions

Download and run


M.E.N.U._win64.zip (55 MB)
M.E.N.U._osx64.zip (66 MB)
M.E.N.U._linux64.zip (61 MB)


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I'm already stuck at the beginning.
After collecting that battery there, I don't see where to go next:
I can either just jump around randomly without getting anywhere or touch that red guy twice to die.
But I don't see how to advance.

Okay I managed to do something that akes rocks disapppear/kill close enemy.
But I still don't know how it works and it only seems to work rnadomly.
I also don't see how exactly it's linked to the decreasing bar in the menu.